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Margarita Flights have ARRIVED! 

Let us introduce you to your new favorite drink: our Margarita Flight!

Are you having trouble deciding which flavor margarita to get? Well know you don't have to.

Order a Margarita Flight and try 4 different flavors!

*Available at Aztecas Airport, Aztecas Saraland, Aztecas Ocean Springs, &  Aztecas Tillmans Corner.

Coming soon to Aztecas Gautier.

Try it TODAY!




– delivered by our 5-star service

Mixed Fajitas.png
Fajita Night

Every Wednesday join us for discounted house Margaritas, all night long! 


Fresh Fiery and Flavorful! Our special Fajitas will delight you, on special every Thursday.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is the best hour! Enjoy it every weekday from 2-6pm. Order one of  our famous margaritas or a draft beer and enjoy our Happy Hour Special! 

Taco Tuesday
Tacos Al Pastor.png

Beef, Chicken, & Mushroom Single Tacos  $2.50

Grilled Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Fajita Style, and Birria Single Taco


Taco Orders only $14.50!!

T'aco about a TACO party!

*Not all protein included



Wings and Fingers Platter

54 piece platter with wings in three bold flavors: buffalo, bbq, and chipotle, along with crispy chicken strips. Served with ranch, celery, and baby carrots.


Chips and Dips Platter

Fresh fried tortilla chips and pork rinds, served with cheese dip, salsa, and premium guacamole.


Party Platter

50 piece platter of chicken flautas and quesadillas, served with sour cream and salsa.


IMG_9680 (1).HEIC

Employee Spirit Month

This month we want to take advantage of Employee Spirit Month to celebrate our amazing employees openly!


Our goal is to ensure that everyone who dines at our restaurant has a wonderful experience, and without our hard-working team that would not be possible.


Like us, take an extra moment this month and let our staff what a great job they are doing!

March 2023

Chile Relleno Meal.jpg

Lent is here and so is our Lent Menu!

Lent season has arrived and we have combined all our lent-friendly meals into one menu.


We hope that this menu makes this lent season more enjoyable for you!


Check out our menu and order now! Menu available starting February 22, 2023 until April 6, 2023.

February 22, 2023 to April 6, 2023

IMG_2558 (1).HEIC

A Soup-er time Ahead!

Let’s enjoy National Soup it Forward Day on March 3rd!


It is the perfect day to surprise your loved one with their favorite soap and Aztecas has many soups to choose from!


We suggest you give them a Pozole. They will love you forever!


March 3, 2023

IMG_9994 (1).HEIC

Time for a Snack!

It is National Snack Day and we have the perfect snack for you today: Our delicious tortilla chips. 

We bet you cannot just eat one!


What’s even better is that we have a Chips and Dips Platter so you can throw a snack party!


Go ahead and order a couple of platters now!

March 4, 2023

margaritas .jpg


Cinco de Marcho is a relatively new holiday made for you to prepare your body for Saint Patricks Day!


So go ahead and test the waters! How many margaritas can you drink?


If you cannot decide on one margarita flavor we suggest you get our Margarita Flight and try up to four flavors!

March 5, 2023


National Ranch Day

National Ranch day has arrived and all we are hearing is:  how many wings we are gonna eat today?

Run to your favorite Aztecas and order our delicious wings today and dip them in ranch to celebrate this holiday!

Our wings have 4 flavors to choose from:  Plain, Buffalo, BBQ, or Chipotle and you cannot go wrong with any of them!

March 10, 2023

IMG_2766-HDR(5) (1).jpg

Daylight Savings Time

Time is springing forward! Do not forget to change your clocks or you will be arriving early to everything.


Scenario: We promise you that we are not opening the restaurant on purpose, you are just early!

Come back in an hour!

March 12, 20223


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Things to do on Saint Patrick's Day

  1. Go to the parade

  2. Go to Aztecas

  3. Drink a  Margarita Flight

  4. Repeat #3


Let the Shenanigans Begin.

March 18, 2023


National Poultry Day

National Poultry day is here, but in other words, we are celebrating all of our chicken dishes.


At Aztecas, we love chicken, in all its forms: Shredded, Grilled, Breaded, and Fried.


We are sure that we have a chicken dish that you love. Celebrate with us by eating your favorite chicken meal today!

March 19, 2023

Tacos Dinner.jpg

Inhale Tacos, Exhale Negativity!

Taco ‘bout a great time!


It’s time to crunch the day away and stop by Aztecas to order some Crunchy tacos to celebrate National Crunchy Taco Day!


What is your favorite meat for crunchy tacos: Beef or Shredded Chicken?

March 21, 2023

Camarones a la Diabla 3 (1).jpg

National Healthy Fats Day

Many are confused and scared to consume fats but did you know that there are healthy fats that help you stay healthy? On March 21, take the moment to learn more about healthy fats and try some of them. 


One of the healthiest fats is avocado, so do not be afraid to add some avocado to your favorite dish! We suggest you give our Camarones a la Diabla a try since they have a good serving of avocado!

March 21, 2023


I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

It's National Chips and Dips Day


Did you know that we have 6 dips for you to try? 

Today is the perfect opportunity for you to try a dip you haven't tried before!

Our Shrimp Dip is such an underrated dip that you will fall in love with it. This Dip comes with tortillas but it is also perfectly paired with chips.

March 23, 2023

Tamal_Side 3.jpg

Tamal Time

We recently saw a video of someone eating a tamal without taking it out of the corn husk! Can you believe it?


At Aztecas, we have your back. Our tamales are served ready for you to bite into it!


Give our tamales a try and tell us how much you love them! Also, make sure to let us know if you want them without red sauce!



March 23, 2023


National Cocktail Day!

Sit back and relax!


Today is National Cocktail day, so visit your favorite Aztecas locations and drink up. We have many cocktails for you to choose from.


Try our fan-favorite Crazy Limonada or our refreshing Mojito.

March 24, 2023


Visit Aztecas Day!

Did you know that on March 26 you can make up your own Holiday?


We are claiming March 26 as Visit Aztecas Day!


Come see us and help us celebrate this wonderful day!

March 26, 2023

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